Business Intelligence & Research

How best to judge your market performance? How can you discover more about your customers' behavior? You need clean, enriched qualitative and quantitative data from your marketing, sales, customer engagement and production activities.

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Artificial Intelligence

While artificial intelligence isn't likely to come for your job anytime soon AI and machine learning are already automating and improving many everyday tasks, like mobile search or the organization of your family photos.

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We've built an enterprise grade Blockchain infrastructure, focused on production-readiness: security, performance, and scalability. We power decentralised applications on a network tailored to the specific needs of an industry and use case.

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Finalytics LLC provides financial engineering, advisory, risk management and analytical solutions to financial institutions with fixed income assets especially structured products, at a fraction of western world rates via leveraging India office as an offshore operation. We also provide bespoke data Outsourcing Solutions to our clients making processes cost effective. Finalytics’s brings uniqueness in the work with specialization in combining cutting edge technology to the analytics. Finalytics is one of the pioneers in providing financial engineering, advisory, risk management, analytical services, and technology consulting services in the Fixed Income, Real Estate Advisory and Structured Finance Domain.

Finalytics LLC provides advisory, consulting, risk management and analytical services to any financial institution or fund with fixed income assets, especially structured finance, the groups specialty.

Our business intelligence group provides services related to bond market investments including preparation of custom bond portfolios and analyzing, selecting, and purchasing bond market investments in support of registered investment professionals.

Uniquely, Finalytics provides clients "soft-dollar" access to a well-reputed, award-winning former Wall Street structured product strategist, whose advice has proven prescient over this credit crisis.

Technically speaking, we regularly build API code that captures all required data from Intex, Trepp, or any client database, and deliver the necessary VBA code in Excel using the required dashboards. Using Intex API, we can also apply the credit analysis and valuation at the collateral level for CDOs, RMBS and CMBS. Additionally, we use Bloomberg API to customize diverse needs in the front office.

Analytical Solution

Rather than mystify our clients with the latest Black Box gadgetry, Finalytics aims to customize valuation tools.

Financial Modelling

Modelling and valuations of Option Premiums (Equity and Currency), Margin valuation

Business Mortgage Advisory

Rather than mystify our clients with the latest Black Box gadgetry, Finalytics aims to customize valuation tools grounded in reality that are fully transparent.

Technology Consulting

Our Product Development offering includes solutions, services and products spanning the complete

Investment Research

Finalytics Consultancy offers extensive equity and fixed income research and analytics to global clientele including investment banks, advisors

Risk Management Solutions

We offer a range of analytics solutions for effective risk management. We provide data analytics solutions employing high-end statistical techniques for credit risk modeling